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Safety Week
Annual Safety Week Celebration is observed to highlight and spread the importance of awareness to everyone in the working industry. Last 2015, HSEPro participated in the safety celebration conducted by Emirates Sembcorp Water & Power Company and Sembcorp Gulf O&Mof Fujairah 1 Independent Water and Power Plant Qidfa, Fujairah UAE. Sembcorp is the leading industry of energy, water and marine group that has successful operation worldwide. The event was an interaction of ideas from various participants on topics; role of managing safety and occupational risks, instilling the proper execution and safety measures. Continue Reading
Emergency Management Training
In the field of Oil and Gas, the materials handled are mostly hydrocarbons. These are highly hazardous and toxic. Would be occurrence of major accidents are most likely. Workers need to adhere to standardized handling of materials and obtain proper safety training in order to efficiently address possible accidents in the workplace. Continue Reading
IADC Membership
Fatal life risks have never been the least of any health, safety and environmental issues. Results of studies and individual research made to investigate various incidents and accidents involving fatal consequences converge to operational failures as the main root cause. In addition, there are other factors; human errors, machinery and equipment conditions, process design specifications and environmental driven matters which produce to the same result. Continue Reading

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