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International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety​

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NEBOSH IGC Examination Steps

NEBOSH IGC examination for unit IG1 is open book examination. Unit IG2 is practical risk assessment. Each unit have different examination registration and schedule.

Step 1

Check exam dates

Check available unit exam schedules in your HSEPro learner account.

Step 2

Request exam

Request exam for the unit you want to register and wait for approval.

Step 3

Registration in NEBOSH

Registration in NEBOSH exam schedule. You will receive a notification registration.

Step 4

Exam preparation

Prepare your exam and attend HSEPro exam review. Read all the NEBOSH examination guidelines.

Step 5

Exam day

Take the exam remotely. Read carefully the unit examination instructions. Visit video below.

How to prepare and join my NEBOSH IGC examination

IG1 Open Book Examination (OBE) Steps

Prepare exam location, equipment's, and others
  • Exam location must be exclusive, silent, with good lighting and ventilation, comfortable seat and table.
  • Recommended, use only laptop or personal computer.
  • Have a supply of  water and clock to monitor the time.
  • Have a stable internet connection. Internet connection is needed only during downloading and uploading examination paper.
To take the online examination on the exam day
  • Visit your NEBOSH learner platform; learning.nebosh.org.uk 
  • To take exam.
    • Open your NEBOSH account using the login details you received from email.
    • Download the examination paper.
  • Advise: Visit the video below to get the detailed instruction.
Submission of examination paper during the exam day
  • Follow the document file name format: Surname First name NEBOSH learner number Learning Partner name (Ex. Smith John 00123456 HSEPro)
  • Submit ONLY a PDF or Word format file.
  • Visit your NEBOSH learner platform; learning.nebosh.org.uk.
  • To submit / upload.
    • Open your NEBOSH account and click Open Book Examination.
    • Click Examination Paper and click Add submission button.
    • Click the Declaration box, then Upload Exam File and click Save Changes button.
  • Advise: Visit the video below to get the detailed instruction.

IG2 Practical Assessment Steps

Submission of practical paper
  • Follow the video below.
Tips in Studying
  • Visit our tips in studying page. Click HERE to know more.

NEBOSH Open Book Examination Video Tutorials

Accessing the platform
Submitting your assessment
Log into the online examination platform, desktop
Download your examination paper, desktop
Upload your examination paper,
Remove and replace your submission, desktop
Reset your
Language options - online examination platform

NEBOSH International General Certificate Informations

International Labour Organization - Occupational Health and Safety

General Publications

  • ILO knowledge portal: Country information and data on labour laws, standards, policies and statistics.   Open HERE
  • Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety.   Open HERE
  • Sectors and industries – Occupational safety and health.   Open HERE
  • Construction sector – Occupational safety and health.    Open HERE
  • ILO – Conventions. Open HERE
  • C155 – Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981 (No. 155).    Open HERE
  • ILO – Recommendations. Open HERE
  • R164 – Occupational Safety and Health Recommendation, 1981 (No. 164).   Open HERE
  • P155 – Protocol of 2002 to the Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981. Open HERE
  • A practical guide for labour inspectors: Investigation of occupational accidents and diseases.      Download HERE
  • Instructional material: Reporting, Recording, and Notification of Occupational Accidents and Diseases: A brief guide for Employers and Managers. Download HERE
  • Business and COVID-19. Open HERE
  • Instructional material: COVID-19 action checklist for the construction industry.   Open HERE
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the construction sector. Open HERE
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Safety and Health Information Bulletins (SHIBs)
  • OSHA Safety and Health Information.   Open HERE
Command Word


  • NEBOSH – List of Command Words.   Open HERE
  • IOSH – List of Command Words.   Open HERE
  • CCEA – List of Command Words.   Open HERE
NEBOSH IG1 References
Element 1
Why we should manage workplace health and safety
1.1Moral, financial, and legal reasons for managing health and safety in the workplace
1.2How the health and safety is regulated and the consequence of non-compliance
1.3Main health and safety duties of different groups of people at work and explain how contractors should be selected, monitored, and managed
Element 2
How the health and safety management work and what they look like
2.1Overview of the elements of a health and safety management system and the benefits of having a formal/certified system
2.2Main ingredients of health and safety management systems that make it effective – policy, responsibilities, arrangements
Element 3
Managing risk – understanding people and process
3.1Concept of health and safety culture and how it influences performance
3.2How the health and safety culture at work be improved
3.3Human factors which positively or negatively influence behavior at work in a way that can affect health and safety
3.4Principles of the risk assessment process
3.5Typical workplace changes that have significant health and safety impacts and ways that can affect health and safety
3.6What to consider when developing and implementing a safe system of work for general activities
3.7Role, function, and operation of permit-to-work system
3.8Typical emergency procedure (including training and testing) and how to decide what level of first aid is needed in the workplace
Element 4
Health and safety monitoring and measuring
4.1Common methods and indicators used to monitor the effectiveness of management system
4.2Why and how incident should be investigated, recorded, and reported
4.3What an audit is and why and how it is used to evaluate a management system
4.4Why and how regular reviews of health safety performance are needed
NEBOSH IG2 References
Element 5
Physical and psychological health
5.4Mental Ill-health
5.5Violence at work
5.6Substance abuse at work
Element 6
Musculoskeletal health
6.1Work related upper-limb disorder
6.2Manual handling
6.3Load handling equipment
Element 7
Chemical and biological agents
7.1Hazardous substance
Element 8
General workplace issues
8.1Health, welfare, and work environment
8.2Working at height
8.3Confined spaces
8.4Lone working
8.5Slips and trips
8.6Movement of people and vehicles in the workplace
8.7Work-related driving
Element 9
Work equipment
9.1Work equipment and machinery
Element 10
Element 11: